This is my 1972 Lemans Sport convertible. Purchased in 1995 from a local Pontiac dealer for the nice sum of $6000. The car is a complete numbers matching car. The car over the years has received a frame on type restoration, new top, carpet and some interior trim. It still has it's original door panels, dashpad, and seats. All mechanicals have been restored, including a HiPerf engine rebuild and a complete re-paint in 2002. Recently added the D90 GTO optional stripe and rear wing spoiler to the car.  Looking at the pics you see I have GTO identification on my Lemans. Pontiac did not offer a GTO convertible in 1972 and for the life of me can't figure out why considering you could order your Lemans with all the GTO goodies. The only difference would have been no GTO decals. Well, I created a one of none 1972 GTO Convertible.


PHS Documentation says it's a Lemans Sport

The interior is all original, except for the carpet, some minor interior trim, Stereo cassette deck and convertible top. Note where the aftermarket gauges are installed. Since this car did not come with air I felt the best place to install them would be where the air outlet would normally be above the heater controls. I get alot of nice comments on those

400ci YS 250HP Net

The original engine ran excellent in the Lemans. When I first got the car I decided to replace the valve cover gaskets, vally pan gaskets, etc. The motor was extremely clean inside. It did look as if it was rebuilt, but it was the original factory build. But alas several years ago doing a high speed run on the highway #5 rod bearing decided to let go!! Well now was the time to rebuild the motor. Better late than never.

406ci YS 430HP

406ci of Pure Pontiac muscle now resides under the hood!! Completely rebuilt. Every nut and bolt is new on this engine now. The block has been magnafluxed, aligned bored with honing plate and bore 0.030 over. CR now set at 10.12-1. Stock rods shot peened and polished. TRW Forged pistons with 990 BB pins. Crank turned .020/.020, polished,chamfered. Studs for the mains. APR bolts are used throughout the engine. 72cc E-heads were bought bare. Fully ported and polished, 1.65 Gold Crane roller rockers, Lunati springs good to .600 lift, Ferrea valves, 2.11 in. 1.66 exhaust. Melling 60lb oil pump, 8qt Moroso oil pan. Crane cam 272H, Performer RPM intake port matched., Holley 750DP, Hedman Hustler headers port matched with full length 2.5" exhaust thru 2 chamber flowmasters. Ignition provided by a Mallory Unilite electronic distributor and MSD 6AL box. All this power is put to the ground thru a Modified TH400 tranny and 3:23 Posi-Track rear. The motor was dynoed at 438HP!!

In the near future I plan on going with a slightly bigger cam to take avantage of the ported heads, higher stall, and possibly a nitrous system. I'm also considering ditching the factory 8.2 rear in favor of a 12 bolt with 3:55 gears. This all takes money, so we'll see what happens.

Best run at the strip to date was 13.6@102.

Best 60'ft times to date on street tires was 2.2 secs.

Update: BFG Drag Radials. 13.3@103 with 1.85 60' time