There is a good story behind the purchase of this fine Pontiac. I  saw this car at the Ocean City Cruise in Maryland back in May of 2001. Every year my wife and I go to this cruise. If you haven't been there, well you have to go, but I degress. We were at one of the car shows in Ocean City hanging out with our buddies, when a ProStreet looking 67 GTO got my attention. I of course had to check it out. As I drool over the car I noticed a for sale sign in the window. The price just about floored me!! I checked the car over. Now the first I always do when I see a Pontiac at a car show is to check out the engine, just to make sure it's a Pontiac, and not some Chevy motor installed. Well sure enough it was a Pontiac motor, and a mean looking one at that. The car was super clean, The interior


was brand new. A new paint job. Underneath the car it was clean enough to eat off of. I pulled my wife aside and told her that I wasn't leaving OC without buying this car. The price was so good that I thought maybe it was just the rolling chassis. There were people all over the car checking it out.


Finally the owner shows up and I asked him if the price was just a rolling chassis. He told me just as you see it here, drive it home. Damn!! The owner told me he had it for about 10 years and it was his drag car, but he decided to get out of drag racing and put the car back on the street. Hence the new interior and paint. I asked him about the car a little, what does it have in the motor? What does it do in the 1/4 mile, etc. He told me the car when it saw strip only duty, turned 11.0@121mph, that was with a CC306S solid cam, 4000 stall and 4.11 rear. With the current setup should run 12's.


A 1970 455 block bored 0.030 over 2 bolt main engine sits under the hood.  SD rods, #64 455HO hi compression D-port heads with no porting, CC292 cam with 1.65 Harland Sharp roller rockers. Headman 4 tube Headers with 3" full Flowmaster exhaust, a racing TH400, 3000 stall converter, 12 bolt chevy rear with 3.73's, 15 gallon fuel cell and battery in the trunk. Well anyways we asked the owner if he would be insulted if we offered him $1000 less than the asking price and he told us no. Well to make a long story short we made the deal on the spot and a week later picked it up from MD. Drove it home with no incidents at all. I love this car!! The local Chevy boys at the Cruises here in Lancaster County seem a little concerned whenever I pull in. :)


Only mods I've done to the car since I bought the car was adding a Nitrious system and out the box stock 87cc Edelbrock aluminum heads. This car is fully streetable and is driven everywhere, never towed to the track either. Every year it takes a 3 hour trip each way  to Ocean City, MD for the big cruise/car show.



UPDATE: 8.25.2005  Installation of Nitrous bottle heater for more consistent runs and remote bottle opener for those street encounters when you least expect them.

UPDATE: 5.23.2005 New  NA 1/4 mile time!!!

11.5@118 at US13 Dragway Delaware

UPDATE: 5.10.2005 Installed set of box stock 87CC Edelbrock Heads.

Best ET on Nitrous

10.8@123 with 150HP Nitrous at Cecil County Dragway 9.15.2007